2-days/1-night: Gig Harbor


2-days/1-night: Gig Harbor

from 1,895.00

$1,895.00 for 1-2 Guests

$2,195.00 for 3-4 Guests

$2,395.00 for 5-6 Guests

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A 2-day, 1-night waterborne visit to the village of Gig Harbor is a delightful escape. Nestled just north of the impressive Tacoma Narrows, we'll tie up to the dock at beautiful Arabella's Marina. (The captain will leave the boat once you arrive in port, so you'll have plenty of privacy.) You'll have time to explore everything this great little town has to offer. 

It's a 5 - 6 hour sail each way, so you'll have plenty of time at the helm. 

Ask us about adding an extra night in Gig Harbor.

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We generally leave the dock around 10 am. (Call us to arrange a different departure time.) 

How to dress: Always assume that it will feel 10° - 15° cooler on the water. So sweaters and windbreakers -- even on a hot summer day, are always recommended. And don't forget hats, sunglasses and sun screen. 

We provide comfortable, easy-to-wear automatic inflatable life vests. These will be made available to you upon arrival. Please wear them anytime you venture out of the cockpit. Remember: drowning can put a real damper on your trip.

We also have binoculars available, but don't hesitate to bring your own. 

Sleeping Arrangements: Oh Joy II offers two private cabins with double berths. In addition, there are two single berths in the main saloon. 

Luggage: Oh Joy II has tons of storage, but almost none for standard, hard luggage. (This includes wheelies that fit in the overhead on the plane.) We highly recommend only soft luggage that can be easily folded and put into a small cubby aboard. Many of our guests arrive by plane or have planned their sail as part of a longer trip and they've come up with some creative solutions. If at all possible, consider bringing small duffle bags packed inside your larger suitcases. Upon arrival, many of our guests leave their larger bags in their cars and transfer the gear they need for their sail into the duffle bags they've packed. 

Concerned about sea sickness? Puget Sound and Salish Sea waters are protected and waves are generally quite small. Also, Oh Joy II is a very heavy, sea-kindly boat, and most waves don't affect her motion in any decereable way. That said, if you are particularly susceptible, then it's always a good idea to take an over-the-counter medication. Please read the directions and take the medication well before you arrive for your sail. Once symptoms present, it's usually too late for medication to have any effect. In 5 years, we've only had one guest display anything more than very mild sea sickness. (And he was spending entirely too much time looking at tiny photos on the back of his camera.) 

Cancellations: We understand that the unexpected happens to the best laid plans, and we will try to accommodate our guests if at all possible. We offer a full, 100% refund if canceled more than 30 days before arrival. For cancellations less than 30 days before arrival, your refund, if any, will be based on our ability to rebook the dates you've reserved. In any event, cancellations less than 30 days before arrival will be assessed a 25% surcharge. In the event the captain cancels your sail due to severe weather, you will receive a 100% refund.