Sail reviews: Libelous lies, salacious slanders and the occasional love poem.

One word . . . MAGICAL!
— Heather & Robert - Portland

We had a wonderful time!
— Roger & Mauricia -- Henderson, Nevada

Heeling Oh Joy II at 7 knots was exhilarating! Wow!
— Karen & Ed - Hollywood, Florida

We all had a BLAST! The highlight, however, was sailing with you, Harry, in the sound. You are a fantastic and patient teacher - and a ton of fun to be around.
— Chris, Kathleen, Ivy & Josie - Newton, Pennsylvania

The boat and the sailing adventure were the highlight of our trip!
— The Groth's - Johnson, Nebraska

Had a blast sailing!
— The Turecke's - Wisconsin
Thesee are not unhappy people!

Thesee are not unhappy people!

Peter, Annette and the dread pirate Miles under weigh!

Peter, Annette and the dread pirate Miles under weigh!

Even better than we hoped!
— Peter, Annette and Miles, Grand Rapids, MI

Epic day! Thanks so much
— Zach, Katie & Baby Locke, Woodinville, WA
Papa Zach, the lockester and lovely mama katie

Papa Zach, the lockester and lovely mama katie

Nathan & kasey

Nathan & kasey

— Nathan & Kasey, Portland

You made a memorable day even more memorable. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
— Steven & Melissa, Seattle
The engaging and newly engaged Steven and melissa!

The engaging and newly engaged Steven and melissa!

The amazing Chris and the even amazing-er Brittany!
What a memorable experience!
— Brittnay & Chris, Concord NH/Olympia WA

The sunset cruise was wonderful!
— Kim & John, Auburn, CA
John & kim

John & kim

Kevin and vanessa

Kevin and vanessa

What an amazing boat. We love your boat!!!!
— Vanessa & Kevin, Olney, Maryland

After a beautiful retreat on Oh Joy II, the world feels right as rain.
— Satomi & Matt, Portland
Matt & satomi

Matt & satomi

Lovely Micaela and the dapper, debonair Josh start their voyage!

Lovely Micaela and the dapper, debonair Josh start their voyage!

Oh Joy II is a beautiful vessel with a personality all her own.
— Rob, Shelley and Stef, Salt Lake City
Stef, Shelley and Rob

Stef, Shelley and Rob

Mama Malinda, Lovely zoe and her coolness: stella

Mama Malinda, Lovely zoe and her coolness: stella

It was reeeeeeeealy cool!
— Malinda, Zoe & Stella, Wallingford, WA

I’m so glad I found this special three day getaway, for my birthday.
— Mike & Mary, Olympia
Mike and his birthday girl

Mike and his birthday girl

Papa Garry and daughter Alondra

Papa Garry and daughter Alondra

Thank you, Harry, for an amazing start to Alondra’s and my Pacific Coast Adventure!
— Garry, Pomona, CA

The best part of the whole weekend!
— Vlad, Salem, Oregon
Vlad and his Entourage

Vlad and his Entourage

Saraporu, Mai, Yumyum and Nanae

Saraporu, Mai, Yumyum and Nanae

Fabulous boat!!
— Nanae, Mai, Yumyum, Saruporu, Yokohama, Japan (March 2015)

Thank you sooo much for helping a single dad make ever-lasting memories with his daughters.
— Joe, Savannah & Madison, Seattle/Tucson
Papa Joe and his girls

Papa Joe and his girls

David & Hiyoko

David & Hiyoko

Very memorable.
— David & Hiyoko, Seattle

Spending time on your boat brought back many happy memories for us!
— Terri & Steve, Sisters, Oregon
Terri & Steve pose in typical March weather

Terri & Steve pose in typical March weather


Harry and Joy, you made our anniversary quite a pleasant experience!
— Laura & Adam, Burlington, VT and Olympia

Everything we were hoping for and more.
— Jessica & Perry, Portland
Perry & Jessica

Perry & Jessica

Jim & Julie

Jim & Julie

Beautiful boat.
— Julie and Jim, Bremerton WA

We had a really good time on this cozy boat!
— Joe, Summer, Alan & Joanna - Irvine, CA

We had a wonderful time!
— Sherry & Tony - Seattle

Nick & Brooke

Nick & Brooke

We had an amazing time!
— Nice & Brooke, Seattle

The sail around Puget Sound was perfect!
— Alex & Lindsay - Seattle

Alex & Lindsay after their Anchor Out

What a wonderful way to celebrate a birthday! Thank you so much!
— Kyala & Ian - Mina, CA

We had a great experience on the yacht.
— ChenChen, Nani & Kelvin - Irvine CA

We had a wonderful time!
— Sherry & Tony - Seattle

A great experience!
— ChenChen, Nani & Kelvin, Irvine CA

Gregg didn't want to leave

Jill & gregg & the cozy fireplace

Jill & gregg & the cozy fireplace

A cozy and immaculate boat.
— Jill & Greg - Corvallis

Enjoyed the tranquility and the new adventure
— Christie - Deep in the heart, TX

Christi and her lucky boy

Diane & Dick after dinner

Diane & Dick after dinner

This will be our first vacation where we won’t be exhausted when we get home.
— Diane & Dick – Bainbridge Island

Thank you so much for a truly memorable vacation.
— Linda, Steve, Max (& Molly) – St. Paul

Max, Linda & Steve

Gene & Margie, between a rock and . . .

We rocked the boat in a good way. Much thanks.”
— Gene & Margie – Woodbridge, Virginia

Thank you for a wonderful two days on your beautiful yacht. Loved being at the helm for our sail. We’ll be back!
— Joan, Jon & Luke – Connecticut

Joan & Jon

The unfortunate Luke, whose hands were inexplicably glued to the wheel.

Sadie and Simon take mom and dad for a sail.

We enjoyed a wonderful anniversary and our kids had a blast.
— Grace, Jonathan, Simon & Sadie – Bainbridge Island

Thank you for a wonderful sailing experience. And thanks even more for your warm hospitality and delicious food. It was a pleasure sharing our stories.
— Tina & Jeff — Central Point OR

Tina & Jeff

Betty, Genny, Paul and Karen

We had so much fun!
— Paul, Karen, Betty & Genny – Columbus, OH

We had ages 17 to 77 and a couple in between and everyone will carry the trip with them along with a smile for a long long time.
— Kymberly, Hannah and Frank – Bainbridge Island

Kymberly soaks up some sun

Fred & Hannah take charge!

Fabienne, Duane and Julie back at the dock.

Wonderful experience on Oh Joy II with Captain Harry showing us sailing and anchoring for two days in Blakely Harbour. Would recommend to anyone. Nice breeze with calm mights made a most pleasant time. Thanks again.
— Duane & Julie Schiedler with Fabienne – Bend, OR & Zurich

Thank you Harry & Joy for such a special time! OhJoy II is amazing. Can’t believe you’d ever spend time on land!! Again, thanks for the hospitality!!
— Jim & Teena – Vancouver

Jim and Teena soaking up the sun.

Amy, Cameron, Aidan and Colby went full on pirate!

Thank you for your generous hospitality and amazing treasure of this sailboat.
— Colby, Amy, Cameron & Aidan Rampley – Phoenix

What a wonderful experience! Thank you for making our time here so special!
— Katie, Eric & Arnie – Denver (July 2014)

Mama Katie, Little-man Arnie and Papa Eric

. . . and a grand and wondrous time was had by all!
”[We] can no other answer make,
but thanks,
and thanks, and ever thanks!”

Wishing you both all of the best in your endeavors, and thank you both again for your part in making this birthday one to remember!
— Angelica & Chris - Redford, Michigan

The wonders and the wizzard.

Great time!”
— Diane, Mac & Jenny – Ardmore, PA

Editor's note: These are teenagers; two words is the equivalent of a whole essay in human-adult language.

The boat is gorgeous! To see the Seattle skyline from that perspective was astounding and giving us a chance to steer and hang out on the boat made it unique!
— Lora & Chris – Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Lora and Chris on their Sunset Sail

Chad & Jon brought their own fireworks!

Jon at the helm, Chad at the snacks.

The hands-on experience of sailing was a delightful treat. We couldn’t stop admiring the craftsmanship of your boat. It’s simply breathtaking.
— Jon & Chad – Salem & Portland

This place is incredible. Coffee on the boat / Sunrise & Sunset was mind blowing. Can’t wait to come back.
— Rich, Kirsten, Mike and Stacy

What a wonderful perspective — the water views from the water — Seattle and Bainbridge Island! Lovely evening and glorious morning. Thank you Oh Joy II
— Shannon & Joe – Gold River, CA

Shannon & Joe brought the sunshine!

Jennifer and Mike at anchor

Mike discovers WIND POWER!!

Our stay on the Oh Joy II was wonderful. It was a perfect surprise for my husband. The sail and dinner were amazing topped off with an anchor out and marina stay. We enjoyed every minute of it. We can’t wait to do it again. Thank you!
— Jennifer & Mike – Boise, Idaho

Thank you for the amazing experience. It was perfect.
— Kiet, Thanh, Xuan, Minh & Dat
Thank you so much for the wonderful boat ride and dinner. I will not forget this ever!
— Xuan
Thank you for the great experience on the boat. This for sure would be the best time of my life.
— Minh
Thank you.
— Dat

The joyous Thanh, Xuan, Kiet, Dat and Minh!

Papa Kiet navigates while Minh mans the helm.

The Amazing Geoff & the Fabulous Christine

Geoff, back in his natural habitat!

Thank you for the memorable sail and the shared memories and future dreams.
— Geoffery & Christine Thorton – LaPorte, Indiana

Thank you for such a wonderful adventure. We loved the boat. Salud!
— Vern & Ilene Baker – Tucson

Vern & Ilene

Aussies on board! Judy and Phil: Adventurers

We will always remember our stay on Oh Joy II. Thank you Joy and Harry for making our stay a treasure to remember and hopefully we will be back soon.
— Phil & Judy – Queensland, Australia

We cannot say enough good things about our experience here on the Oh JoyII. This has been the perfect way for my husband and me to spend our second wedding anniversary! This is the most relaxed we have been in months.
— Tessa & DJ – Bremerton, WA

The boat is a beauty! God is in the details in the care of Oh Joy II and the thoughtful food Joy prepares. Thank you for the best experience!
— Sean & Holly Rainey – Bozeman, Montana

Sean & Holly snugged into Oh Joy II's warm saloon.

Maxwell and his magical mom Michelle

The boat is beautiful, clean and extremely comfortable.
— Michelle & Maxwell – Atlanta

What a beautiful boat!
— Jim & Carol – Spokane

Carol & Jim

Sarah, Timothy and da boys rock the spectacles!

Glad we went for a sail. We enjoyed the food and conversations!
— Timothy, Sarah, Christian & David – Minneapolis

(No words required)
— Orlando, NYC

Orlando lives the dream

Tyson, Hilie and the hopelessly adorable Chloe.

Your boat is pristine and absolutely beautiful. We made some great memories that we’ll TREASURE forever!
— Hilie, Tyson & Chloe – Portland

Our stay on the Oh Joy II was absolutely fabulous! The boat and the scenery were breathtaking; thank you for sharing this treasure with us.
— Jimmy & Landon, Seattle (March 2014)

Landon & Jimmy at the bow.

Jubilee, Loren and their younguns.

Jubilee, Loren and their younguns.

All four of us had the best time relaxing. We own an apple orchard on the other side of the mountains and needed this relaxing break from spring chores. Will be back after harvest.
— Jubilee & Loren, Selah, Washington

Harry and Joy gave us a wonderful sail during our stay. Also the dinner was amazing.
— Zilu & Caroline, Columbus Ohio/Beijing

Zilu & Caroline

Amanda & Seleh

We had the best time on this beautiful boat. We just got legally married and came straight to Bainbridge Island to spend the weekend on your boat. What a romantic getaway. We will always remember this!
— Selah & Amanda, Valdez, Alaska

Beautiful boat!
— Rachel & Nicholas, Seattle
Rachel & Nicholas

Rachel & Nicholas

Dylan & Nathan

Dylan & Nathan

Your boat is so beautiful. Sunset cocktails on the deck can’t be beat. Thanks for the warm hospitality.”
— Dylan & Nathan, Renton, WA

We will definitely recommend this experience to all our friends and family
— Erin and Brad, Seattle
Brad & Erin

Brad & Erin

Chris, Beth, Anne & Dillon

What a beautiful boat you have! It is a joy to our hearts to get away and relax in a clean, alluring vessel.
— Chris & Beth Dolan, Seattle
What an amazing time we have had here. Thank you so much for sharing your ship, which is so obviously taken care of with much care and love.
— Annd & Dillon, Seattle

Thank you for the wonderful time aboard the Oh Joy II.
— Andrew & Rebecca Parker, Seattle

Rebecca and Andrew

Chris & Karen brought sunshine!

We will most certainly be back.
— Karen Ong & Chris Domkoski, Washington DC

Thank you for sharing your treasure with us. We had a relaxing time here. The boat is a beauty and so comfortable with everything we need. We appreciate the experience and hope to come back again.
— Victoria Petra, Seattle (January 2014)

Victoria and Anne

Barb, Erik and Faye

We had a very merry Christmas aboard Oh Joy II! Thank you for all the wonderful touches!
— Faye Krippner, Portland

— Barbara Bollinger, Atlanta

 Dive Master Barbara

The Hunter family

What a great and easy way escape from the city.
— Suzanne Hunter, Seattle

Our time was calm, pleasant and much appreciated. Thank you for everything and we can’t wait to return. You are both an “Oh Joy”!
— Noelle Karman, Seattle

Noelle and friends

Micajah, Mandy, Harry & Logan

I cannot say enough about the wonderful Oh Joy II.
— Logan, Micajah, Harry & Mandy, New Orleans

An all round great experience.
— Bob Simmons, Boston


Mickey & Ray

Harry, you absolutely made our day! Great time!
— Mickey and Ray, Spokane WA

Lovely!! This is JUST what we needed. See you again!
— Summer & Mitch, Vancouver BC

Summer & Mitch

 Adam & Katy

Thank you so much for the fantastic getaway!
— Adam & Katy Wild, Seattle

We couldn’t have dreamed up a better weekend! We had an absolutely fabulous time!
— Nate & Brian Foster, Seattle

Brian & Naate

Jena & Denny

Thank you for sharing your beautiful boat.
— Jena and Denny, Redmond Washington

The perfect place to get away — thanks! Beautiful and cozy.
— April, Jen and Stepahie, Seattle

Fabulous time! Loved the boat.
— Pat & Mike Stout, Noel Stout and Emily White, Fort Payne, Alabama

What a wonderful experience!
— Elizabeth & Chris, Bainbridge Island

Chris & Elizabeth

Yuliya & Max

Way above and beyond our expectations!
— Max & Yuliya Mikhaylenko, Portland Oregon

I can’t think of anyone I’d rather be on a boat with!
— Jade Elms, Eugene Oregon


The daring Dr. Dan

Please, do yourself a favor and book a wonderful vacation on Oh Joy II.
— Mary West & Dr. Daniel Marks, Portland Oregon

I felt very taken care of and rejuvenated after a few days at sea with this crew.
— Kirk Guidici, Eugene Oregon


 Greg & Sally

Wow! A true peak experience. Just delightful in every way — weather, sailing, meals, friends, stories and on and on . . .Thank you so much!
— Greg and Sally Wiley, Eugene OR

Amazing, fabulous, wonderful food!
— Peter & Heidi Davidson, Eugene OR

Peter & Heidi